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Lettings Fee’s for Landlords

Landlord set-up fee, inc photos to a professional standard, inventory, tenancy agreement & property check in (payable in advance) £250.00 INC

Renewal of tenancy agreement when a renewal fee is not payable £150.00 INC


Additional special clauses in agreement – per clause £10.00 INC


Preparation of documents for tenancy dispute (TDS) £200.00 INC


Preparation of tenancy agreement (if landlord set-up fee is not paid) £90.00 INC


Fee for negotiating an AST agreement to a statutory periodic agreement £50.00


Deposit registration fee charged per annum £25.00 INC


Arrangement Fee for works over £500.00 is £150.00 INC


Preparation and service of a section 8 notice (notice to terminate AST if tenant has breached contract) £50.00 INC


Preparation and service of prescribed notice section 13 (rent increase into a periodic tenancy) £50.00 INC


Preparation and service of a prescribed notice section 21 (seeking possession of property) £50.00 INC


Preparation and service of a section 47 and 48 notice £50.00 INC


Provide tenant deposit certificate and prescribed information notice £100.00


To attend for specific requests such as neighbour disputes, more visits are required to monitor the tenancy: or any maintenance linked visit £50.00 INC


To remit and balance the financial return to HMRC and respond to any specific query relating to the return from the landlords or HMRC £60.00 INC


Arrangement fee for works over £400 is £100.00 INC


Supervising the partial or total refurbishment of the premises: 10% plus vat of the total cost of the work but subject to a minimum fee £200.00 INC


Land registry search – proof of ownership £6.00 INC


Duplicate statements can be provided to the landlord or their accountant £20.00 INC


If you require a full tax year of statements. £50.00 INC