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Lettings Fee’s for tenants

Letting Fees for Tenants

Set Up costs:


  • Our application fee is £150.00 (Inc. vat) this cost applies to all adults over the age of 18.
  • Setting up a new Tenancy agreement including an inventory Check out report £250 (Inc. vat) per tenancy. This will be due in cleared fund prior to the tenancy starting.


Other costs:

  • If the tenancy is renewed, we will make a charge of £90.00 (Inc. vat) to cover our set up costs.
  • A charge of £25.00 (Inc. vat) is charged if we have to send a second late payment reminder letter and £50.00 (Inc. vat) for a third letter as per the tenancy agreement.
  • Should you wish to terminate your tenancy before the end of the term and the landlord agrees that you can terminate early, you will be responsible for an early termination fee. Please refer to additional fees.

Reference Procedure:

It may be that the referencing company ask for a Guarantor to be provided and in this event, we will need your chosen Guarantor to complete a further reference form and provide ID and proof of residency at an additional referencing cost of £150 (Inc. vat)


Summary of Monies required before the Tenancy Commences:

On Application:


  • Dilapidations Deposit of 1 and a ½ months
  • Balance of one month’s rent
  • Set-up fee of £150.00 (inc vat) per person

Additional fees may apply:

  • Deposit should be 1 and a ½ months’ rent
  • Amendment / reschedule of check in move in date and updating documents – £100 (inc vat)
  • Landlord Reference from management department or lettings charge – £25 (inc vat)
  • Cancellation of professional / contractual appointment within 24 hours – £50 (inc vat)
  • Renewal admin charge – £90 (inc vat)
  • Fees to leave earlier than tenancy end date – £500 (inc vat)
  • Chasing rent 4% over Barclays base rate
  • Deed of variation / change of circumstances or change to the tenancy agreement including a reference will be – £150 (inc vat)
  • Retrieval of file to provide tenants with copies of documentation an application fee where there is in excess of 3 weeks to the tenancy commencement date – £160 (inc vat)
  • Cancellation of visit or inspection – £30 (inc vat)
  • Disposal of items left by tenant at the end of the tenancy – £150 (inc vat)
  • Failure to cancel standing order – £25 (inc vat)
  • Pet deposit -  ½ a month’s rent


Andrew Pearce accept no responsibility should the tenancy start date be delayed for any reason caused by the landlord, current tenant or yourselves. Should the reference check or return of papers delay the start date then you hereby agree that the tenancy shall still commence at the date agreed but you will not be permitted to occupy the property until the satisfactory paperwork is completed.